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Bride Rape by Unknown

Big round fat slick shiny hot hard swaying magnetically pulled toward the pale clump of hair at her crotch his knees push be tween her legs stepping forward he cannot speak breathing heavi ly clawing her breasts he pushes her back and downward landing on her prone form petticoats rustl ing crushed wedding gown pulled upward his hands tear at her pan ties as she lies mutely crushed beneath his weight he presses his lips to hers to stifle the scream swelling in her breast as the horrible burning grows from be- tween her legs to spread in her belly as the monstrous... "thing" forces its way into her virginal channel unleashing a steady flow of blood, to coat and lubricate the intruder between her legs she cannot catch the rhythm of the monster slamming into her again..

and again

and again

She stops wondering WHEN it will stop and begins to wonder IF it will stop he has managed to rip the front of the dress revealing her breasts now biting the small hard nipples his tongue having left the warm channel of her throat she is at last able to release the sounds of terror as the monster batters mercilessly at the entrance of her womb he thrusts more violently yet, over and over, his penis drives in- sistently into her stretching her spanking new cunt painfully wide; Afraid she will split in two she feels an unfamiliar wet ness inside her belly and for a moment she is afraid he really has split her open and her in sides are spilling out from "down there" at last his batter ing ram is removed from inside her, gleaming red with her blood and his cum that she mistook for her entrails.

He leans back on his heels between her legs there on the floor of their honeymoon suite and eyes her lovingly, lustfully, watching his cum and the evidence of her virtue dribble pink and sticky from be- tween her painfully swollen lips to stain the ruined remains of her mother's wedding gown as she lays unmoving, legs spread, vagina ex posed, hands pulled up protective ly against her aching, mauled breasts.

"OH Baby you're so sexy I'm so glad we waited till we were married I wish this night could last forever let's go shower I'm already wanting you again, and I've always wanted to do it in the shower. . ."

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