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A Farm Girls Life by Unknown

Shannon's eyes fluttered slowly open as she woke. She moaned low in her throat and her hand rose instinc- tively, trying to shield her eyes from the bright sun- light streaming through the open window. She turned, rolling onto her side, her back to the window as she pulled the covers up around her head.

It was a chilly spring morning, and the Nebraska air was filled with the sound of the birds and farm animals coming to life. Soon, she knew, her mother would come to wake her, to get her downstairs for the chores she had to do before breakfast.

She yawned and stretched beneath the covers, then rolled onto her back, bringing her hands up behind her head. She stared up at the roof, pondering the tasks ahead that day. She glanced aside at the clock and sighed as she realized the time. It was five thirty.

She flung back the covers and sat up, swinging her legs over the edge of the bed. She sat a moment, then stood up, sighing again, and padded across the floor to the closet. Her full breasts jiggled as she moved, but she was used to it and paid it no mind.

She opened the closet and then reached down, gripped the hem of her nightshirt, and pulled it up, cross-handed, sliding it up her body and over her head and shoulders with a single motion. She did not pause to examine herself in the mirror which hung on the back of the door. She was familiar enough with her body and found no great pleasure in its sight.

Besides, that would be wicked, and sinful.

She pulled her coveralls off the hook and stepped into them, pulling them up her long legs and over her wide, womanly hips, then sliding her arms in and jerking the garment up around her shoulders. She reached down and grasped the zipper where it lay above her abdomen, and slowly pulled it upwards.

That wasn't as easy as it had once been, for her body had thickened and grown over the past years. She was no slender reed of a girl now but a full bodied young woman with broad shoulders, wide hips, and generous breasts.

The fabric of the jumper had thinned some with age, and in any case was too small and too tight for her body, straining at the seams as she moved. It was uncomfortably tight across the chest, squeezing her ample breasts, hugged her round buttocks, and dug up into her crotch.

They couldn't afford another one, though. They were a poor family, and it was all her parents could do to pay the bills without her complaining about wanting new clothes.

She pulled on a sturdy pair of boots, did up the laces, then headed out the door. She wore no socks, nor underwear. She had some hard work ahead of her before breakfast and the fewer clothes she wore the less she'd have to wash later.

She went downstairs, and smiled at her mother as she came into the kitchen.

"Good morning, Shannon,"

"Good morning, Mother. Dad out already?"

"Fixing the fence."

Shannon nodded.

"Mark is working on the tractor, trying to fix what ever's ailing it. John's checking the south field."

"I'll go milk the cows," Shannon said.

She pushed through the screen door and went out into the yard, then walked across it to the distant barn. Her stomach rumbled just a bit, but she ignored it. Breakfast was still a couple of hours away, and she had work to do.

She milked the cows, then climbed up to the loft and forked out hay for them to chew on. After that she fed and watered the chickens and checked for eggs.

She went back to the house and gathered the sheets off all the beds, then went downstairs to do the laundry. While it was in the machine she helped her mother with the breakfast, then fed and watered the dogs.

After hanging the sheets up to dry she went upstairs and stripped off her coveralls, then stepped into the bathtub and turned on the water. She let the hot water pour down over her, turning her face up to it, closing her eyes as it splashed off her.

She shampooed her hair, then soaped up her body. She was comfortable with it now, not uneasy as she'd been when it had so suddenly begun to develop. Her hands moved easily, casually over her large, round breasts, soaping them up as she would any other part of her.

The soft, malleable meat shifted and flowed as her hands crushed over it, rolling it from sidde to side like gelatin. There was nothing sexual in her actions, and indeed, Shannon knew nothing sexual about breasts, except that dumb old boys and men seemed to be fixated on them.

Her mother said that was from when they were babies and sucked on them for food, that they never seemed to get over their fondness for breasts. Shannon didn't really understand that. She'd been breast fed too and she didn't see anything so wondrous about breasts.

Breasts were for feeding babies and nothing more. Why the boys were all so hell fired eager to get their hands, or even their eyes on them was just one more puzzling thing about the male sex. Even her brothers were fixated on them, to the point that, after they'd caught her in the act of changing for the dozen'th time she'd prevailed on her father to put a lock on her door.

She rinsed off and turned off the water, then reached behind her and squeezed her long brown hair, twisting the water out of it. She pulled a towel off the rack and then flung her hair forward as she bent over, sliding the towel around it and rubbing vigorously.

Her breasts hung down thick and heavy below her, bouncing and swinging as she rubbed at her hair. A flicker of annoyance slid across her mind, but only a flicker. Though their size and weight were a royal pain in the behind sometimes, she was used to it.

She straightened up, wrapping the towel around her head and reaching for another. She roughly toweled herself dry, or nearly so, then stepped out of the tub and pulled her long terrycloth robe around herself. She went back to her room and laid out of her clothes, then sat down on the edge of the bed and pulled off the towel.

She brushed her long brown hair out, then, after making sure the door was locked, took off her robe and began to dress for school. She put on her thick white panties, then slid her arms through the straps of her heavy white bra. She pulled the cups up over her breasts, then reached behind her and snapped the thing together.

She pulled the long, blue, flower print dress over her head and then put her arms through it. She let it fall down her body. It was loose, and fairly shapeless, as decency and modesty called for, yet light enough so she wouldn't cook as the air warmed this morning.

This would be her last year of school, thank- fully. Then she'd be expected to marry and move out. She wasn't sure yet who she'd marry. There were a lot of likely boys around and her parents had their eyes on a few they liked as well.

It would be wonderful to be a mother, to have babies. She shivered a little at the thought of how that would be done, but tried not to think about it. She'd be a married woman then, so it wouldn't be sinful or dirty. Even the church said so.

Growing up on a farm she knew exactly how it was that babies came to be made, of course. The idea of doing...that...with some boy was not just scary, it was terribly, terribly embarrassing. She was not looking forward to it. It was supposed to hurt awfully, too.

Some girls said it didn't, but Shannon knew they were wrong. Only a few months ago she'd slid her fingers down...there...and tried to ease one inside that small dark slit between her legs, tried to force it up inside herself. It had hurt and she hadn't been able to do it.

How a man was supposed to do it to her, to push his thing all the way up her and rut her like the dogs and pigs and cows did she didn't understand. She'd even gotten down on all fours and tried to push her finger in, wondering if the position, if being on all fours, would make it easier to enter. It hadn't. But she had felt ashamed of herself for touching herself there for days afterwards, and had gone to Church especially on a Wednesday so she could beg God for his forgiveness.

Well, no doubt her husband, whoever that
turned out to be, would know how it was done. There was probably some kind of trick to it. Shannon knew nothing about sex except what she saw around the farm. None of the male animals seemed to have much difficulty in mounting the females that she could see.

She buttoned up the back of the dress, then stepped into her good shoes, brushed her hair again, then headed downstairs for breakfast.

Her father came in as she stepped off the bottom stair. He greeted her, then headed for the sink to wash up. Shannon went to the stove and helped her mother gather out the rolls and put them on plates, then carried them to the table.

Her brother Mark passed her, slapping her on the behind as he went to the sink to wash up as well. She glared at him but didn't make anything of it. John came in, then they all sat down and said grace before digging in.

After breakfast Shannon walked a mile up the long dirt road to the county road, where she'd wait for the school bus. Half the time she got a ride, though, if someone was driving past.

The air was still a little chilly, and she hugged her book bag tight against her chest as she gazed down the road in the direction the bus would be coming.

She didn't see the bus, but did see a pickup truck headed her way. Her eyes brightened and she prepared to flag it down if it were anyone she knew. As the truck got closer she backed away from the road a bit, recognizing it as Bill Parker's beat up Chevy.

She didn't like Parker. He was a big, fat, foul smelling man who drank too much and was always staring at her. She had no doubt whatever what was going through his mind as he stared either. The man's mind was no doubt as dirty as his mouth and clothes.

"Hey there, princess. Give ya' a ride?"

"Uhm, no thank you, Mr. Parker," she said politely.

"You's goin' ta school, ain't ya?"

"Uh, yes, sir."

"Then git yer behind in heyar girl!"

"Yes, sir," she said. Shannon was long con- ditioned to obey the orders of adults, no matter what she might think of them.

She got up into the cab of the pickup and slammed the door, then gasped as it lurched forward and picked up speed. She saw Mr. Parker turning his head, saw out of the corner of her eyes as he looked her up and down. She ignored it, but straightened her skirt out, making sure nothing was showing.

"You're one fine lookin' girl, Shannon," he said.

"Thank you, Mr. Parker," she said automatically.

"Yes, sir, one fine lookin' piece o' woman flesh," he said softly. "Bout time you got yersef married, ain't it?"

"Soon," she said reluctantly.

"Mebbe I'll talk to yer daddy," he sniggered. "I could use me a wife to cook an' clean an' hep round the farm. Could use her fer other things, too," he leered.

She looked away, embarrassed.

"Yessirrr, could use one fer a lot o' things," he said, looking at her body again.

She looked down at her lap, fiddling with her fingers, not wanting to look at the dirty man, and not wanting to say anything that would be impertinent. She didn't want him complaining to her daddy about her behavior else she was liable to get the belt.

She looked up finally and frowned.

"Where all are we, Mr. Parker?" she asked.

"Takin' a short cut," he said.

"Short cut? This ain't no short cut I know."

"It's one I know."

There wasn't any short cut. If there was she would've known it. She turned and looked at him apprehensively. He didn't look back.

They were on a dirt road, and as they came to the end of it she saw a battered looking house, an even more battered looking barn, and a run down chicken coop. There were several broken and rusted out cars in the high grass surrounding the buildings, and litter was strewn about.

"Thought I'd stop an take a leak," he said.

"I think maybe I'd better walk to school," she said worriedly.

"Naah, you come an' visit with me, sweetie."

He stopped the truck and turned to her, leering. She tried to jerk open her door but the handle didn't work.

"Don't you touch me!" she cried.

"Shut yer mouth and c'mere!"

He dragged her out of the pickup, his hand firmly around her arm as he hauled her towards the battered looking farm house.

"Let me go! I'll tell my daddy!"

"You ain't gonna tell nuthin!"

Shannon was a big girl, and she struggled wildly with him, trying to tear herself free. A lifetime of obedience and respect for adults made it impossible for her to actually fight him, to punch or kick or scratch him, but she tried desperately to pull away, and it was all he could do to hang onto her.

Finally he lost his patience and backhanded her, knocking her to the ground. She immediately tried to scramble to her feet but he put his foot on her chest and shoved back hard, and she hit the ground hard, her head smacking against the hardened dirt.

He jumped on top of her, growling and laughing, his hands groping and squeezing her breasts as his mouth pressed down against hers.

"No! No!" she gasped.

"Shut up, slut!"

He backhanded her again, then gripped the front of her thin dress and tore it open. She raised her hands, trying to push him away and he backhanded her a third time, making her cry out in pain. He tore at her dress, exposing her white brassier, then cursed, reached down into his pants, and pulled out a small jackknife.

He gripped the thick elastic and cut furiously at it as she sobbed and moaned in misery and terror.

Her bra cups came apart and her fat, thick tit meat was exposed. He yelled in triumph and pleasure, digging his fingers into the soft meat as her mind was blasted with horror and humiliation. He bent and bruised her lips with his own, trying to shove his tongue inside her mouth.

She sobbed helplessly as his dirty hands mauled her breasts, and his foul breathed mouth mashed wetly down on her own. She was stunned by the violence, and horrified by her own lewd exposure, by the shock of his hands on her breasts.

He sat back, gripping her dress in his hands and tearing it down all the way to the hem. She cried out in misery as his hands gripped her panties. She tried to grasp at them, but again his hand cracked across her face, hurling her head back against the dirt.

He jerked her thick panties up, lifting her legs violently and tearing the panties down ad off, fling- ing them into the bushes. She whimpered in terror, trying to turn or twist away, to protect her vulnerable crotch, but he jammed his hands between her thighs and yanked her legs apart, then dove between them.

He gripped her hair and jerked her head back painfully, then bit down on her left breast as she sobbed in misery. He fumbled at his pants, then drew out his raging erection, pressing it against her tight, virginal pussy entrance.

She screamed hysterically at the sensation, raising her hands and slapping despairingly at him. He snarled, drawing back his fist and slamming it into her jaw. She went limp, moaning nearly sense- lessly. His cock pierced her tight entrance, then thrust into her, stabbing up into her belly like a spear.

She gasped, then moaned weakly as her hymen was ruptured, and his thick, bloated cock drove into her to the hilt. Parker's body fell heavily onto hers and his lips mashed against her own bloody mouth, his tongue lapping and darting frenziedly as he ground his hips into her bruised thighs.

He began to pump, raising his ass high and thrusting into her again and again as she lay there sobbing. Her legs were wide, her arms laying flat beside her head. She had given up any attempts at fighting him as Parker grunted away above her, his body rutting and jerking and grinding against her.

She felt his big male organ pumping inside her, going in and out, stabbing up into her belly with cruel violence, but could do nothing about it. She moaned and whimpered and closed her eyes.

He humped faster and faster, his teeth and lips moving over her face and throat, his hands groping at her breasts or tearing at her hair, then he let out a long, wheezing moan and collapsed atop her.

He lay there for some seconds, then slowly pulled himself off. He got to his feet and did up his pants, leering down at her as she lay spread- eagled below.

"Come on, slut," he growled, bending and grip- ping her by the hair.

She cried out again in pain, grasping at his hand as he forced her to her feet. He shoved her towards his house, then gripped the remnants of her dress from behind and tore them from her.

He forced her into the run down house, then went to a corner and drew out a long length of chain. He wrapped it around her throat and pad- locked it there, then padlocked the other around a heating pipe.

"Now you clean this place up, here," he growled. "I want you to start on the floors, then do the walls, the kitchen, and then the dishes."

He dumped a bucket next to her, and found an old brush, as well as some soap.

Dazed, and whimpering, Shannon began to clean the place. She had no choice, after all, for she was frightened of the evil man. Her face ached, and felt swollen from his backhanded blows.

She had nothing whatever to cover herself with, and felt intensely vulnerable and embarrassed as he moved around her watching. She was forced to get down on all fours to scrub at the floors, and knew he was staring at her crotch as he walked around behind her.

"You'd best get used ta this, girl," he snorted. "This's what you was made fer, an' this's what you's is gonna be doin' from now on."

Shannon didn't dare answer. She was sure that soon someone would notice she wasn't at school and... and...

No. Most likely nobody would do a thing. Nobody was going to miss her until she didn't come home from school.

On the other hand, that could be a good thing. Maybe it was possible she could conceal this horrible, perverted attack. If she could only find some clothes somewhere nobody would ever know the shameful things that had been done to her.

She had been scrubbing for about half an hour when Parker came back into the room. Without warning he dropped down onto his knees behind her and un- zipped his pants. He gripped Shannon's hair, holding her in place before him as he pressed his erection against her sex.

She shuddered violently, but made no move as his cock drove into her pussy. His hand seized her hips and he began to fuck her, rutting her hard, riding her like the dogs and pigs she'd seen. She could only kneel there and moan weakly as the man pumped his cock into her snatch with hard, deep, violent thrusts.

His hands moved up and down her body, then down below her chest to cup and squeeze her jiggling breasts. He groaned in pleasure as he drove himself into her, then came, pumping his jism up her belly.

He slapped her ass happily, then got to his feet and ordered her to get back to work.

For the rest of the morning she continued scrubbing, then did the dishes as he ordered. After that she had to make lunch for them both, then get back to work cleaning.

He moved in and out of the house as she worked, sometimes staring at her naked flesh, sometimes fondling and groping her most private, personal places, ignoring her shame.

She made dinner for him, and herself, and sat at the table with him as he talked quite casually about needing to fix one of the fences tomorrow, and the leak in the roof, and the sick chickens. She didn't speak except when she had to answer a question, and generally looked down at her plate.

After dinner she had to take all his dirty clothes and wash them...he had an incredibly old washing machine, one that actually had a ringer. She had to wash them, and all the bedding except what was on his bed, ring them out, and hang them on a clothesline out back. The chain reached just far enough to allow her to stand on the back porch.

She was exhausted by nightfall, and had
stopped caring that people would...KNOW..., and prayed repeatedly for someone to come and find her. Nobody did, though, and Parker unlocked her chain from around the pipe, though not from around her throat, and led her upstairs to his bedroom.

He locked the chain around his bedpost, took her into his bed, then put her on her back and stripped. He shoved her legs way back against her chest as he raised her ass upwards, then pressed his cock into her pussy and drove it down to the balls.

He fucked her for long minutes, his cock pumping steadily inside her, then he sighed and halted, rolled over, and pulled the covers up.

Just before dawn she was wakened as he climbed on top of her and raped her again, though he didn't take long this time. Then he got out of bed and went to the bathroom. He unlocked he chain and led her downstairs to the kitchen so she could make break- fast, then took her back upstairs and locked her to a pipe in the bathroom, ordering her to clean it.

That took a couple of hours. When it was done he came for her and locked her chain to the bed again, so she could clean the bedroom. He had her get down on all fours first, then raped her again before leaving.

After a while he came and fetched her and brought her downstairs, then out front. He took her over to the chicken coop and locked her chain around a fence there, then ordered her to clean the place out.

He turned away and went to the barn, and she started working on the chicken coop, but then she noticed that the fence was very weak, and the post could be pushed back and forth in the dirt. She turned and looked behind her, then jerked the post back and forth repeatedly until she could, with all her strength, lift it a little ways up and slide the chain out from under.

She ran down the lane towards the dirt road, trailing the chain behind her. It seemed a long way to the dirt road, and just as she reached it she heard the sound of an engine behind her. She screamed and put on a fresh burst of speed, racing out onto the road. She looked frantically in both directions, but there was no traffic.

Then Parker's truck screeched to a halt right beside her. She ran into a nearby field but he was right behind her, and after only half a minute's run he grabbed a hold of her chain and yanked her back right off her feet.

She collapsed in the grass, sobbing miserably as he came up to her and kicked her in the ribs. She howled in pain, twisting away, and his boot slammed into her other side, then into her ass, then he dragged her up by the hair and marched her back to his truck, kicking her ass several times along the way.

He flung her into the truck and drove her back to his place, then dragged her into the barn. He pulled her over to a work bench and jerked open various drawers before finding a long piece of leather, then dragged the whimpering girl across to a tall post.

He shoved her hard against it, so her jaw bounced off and she saw stars, then tied the leather tightly around her right wrist. He pulled her hands around the post, then tied them together. He raised them high and hung the leather over a hook on the other side of the post that was well above her head, then moved away.

Shannon continued to sob miserably as he went behind her and undid his belt. She turned her head briefly to see him, then moaned and turned away, trying to brace herself.

Her father was a religious man, and he had never been one to spare the rod. She was well used to being beaten if she did something bad. But never before had she been beaten like this.

The first blow against her back almost drove the breath from her lungs. The pain was shocking in its ferocity. She screamed in pain, then screamed again as the belt lashed across her shoulders a second time. Again and again and again the belt lashed across her shoulders and back, until she hung from the hook, moaning, eyes mere slits.

Only then did he cut her down and untie her wrists. She collapsed, trembling and whimpering, but he kicked her to her knees and made her crawl across the yard to the chicken coop, slashing the belt across her ass when she slowed.

He stood over her while she cleaned out the chicken coop, then made her repair the fence. When that was done he made her crawl back into the house and gave her a needle and thread to sew up all the holes in his clothes and socks. He chained the chain firmly against the pipe and left to work in the barn.

She made him lunch, and after lunch was done he bent her over the kitchen table and raped her again.

She made him dinner, then continued with the work he gave her.

At bedtime he raped her again, riding her on her knees for long, long minutes before collapsing over her. Then they slept.

The next day was much like the first two, except she didn't try to escape. He raped her four times, and on one horrifying occasion, pushed her to her knees as he sat in his chair and made her take his cock into her mouth. She almost threw up as he pumped his cock in her mouth and made her lick and suck it, but he slapped her repeatedly and yanked at her hair until she obeyed. He pumped his gunk into her mouth and she was forced to swallow it.

The next day he only raped her three times, because on the fourth occasion he had her lay on her back, then he straddled her and put his thing between her breasts, then mashed her titties around it and fucked his cock into her cleavage until a thick mass of white liquid spewed out over her breasts and face.

The next day he only raped her twice, some of the men and women from the nearby village came. The women clucked regretfully as they covered the sobbing girl with a blanket, while the men took Parker to a nearby tree and horsewhipped him.

She was taken home, but her parents didn't speak much to her, and in her shame she stayed pretty much in her room. The next day she was taken by her grim-faced father to the doctor in the town and he did all sorts of embarrassing things to her, examining her privates and making her pee into a cup.

She stayed in her room for the next several days, then her parents came up and stood next to her as she sat dully on her bed.

"Doctor called," her father said.

"You're with child, Shannon," her mother said.

She looked up at her in disbelief, then turned her eyes to her father. His scowl said it was true.

"But...but what..."

"There's nothing to be done for it," her father said. "You'll have to marry and do it now."

"But...but...who?" she whimpered.

"Shannon honey," her mother said. "You know no decent man is going to have you now."

Shannon dropped her eyes to her lap in misery.

"I've looked over Parker's place," her father said. "Given a little more effort it could be a decent little farm. I'll keep an eye on him an give him a hand now and then till he gets it going proper."

"Wha...what?" she blinked.

"You'll have to marry him, Shannon," her mother said firmly.

"What? But I can't! He's horrible!"

"He ain't no dream boat," her mother nodded. "But you ain't got much choice any more. It's too bad. You was made for better'n him. But he's what you'll have to settle for."

Dazed and miserable, she ignored her mother's preparations for the wedding. There was no formal church wedding, of course, given the circumstances. But the reverend married her and Parker in her parent's living room, and she said a dull yes when asked if she took him to be her husband.

Parker seemed happy enough about it, and made lewd, obscene jokes to his friends as he got all liquored up at the party afterwards. Then, clutching her right breast lewdly, he led her out to his truck and drove her back to his place.

She moved like an automaton as he led her up to his bedroom...their bedroom, and her eyes were hope- less as he stripped and stripped her.

"Seein' as you ain't hardly no virgin down here," he sniggered, gripping her pussy. "I'm gonna take your cherry tonight in another hole."

Shannon had no idea what he was talking about, but obediently lay on her belly as he climbed onto the bed. He spread her legs wide and knelt between them, then pressed his penis against her anus.

Shannon's eyes opened wide, as did her mouth. She couldn't believe at first what he was doing. Surely he'd made a horrible mistake.

"No!" she gasped. "Not there!"

"Shut yer face, bitch," he snarled, his hand cracking against the side of her face.

Then he jammed his cock down into her anus with a terrible, driving weight that made her scream in agony, like she'd been impaled. She felt his male organ deep in her bowels as his weight came down on her back.

He fucked her ass long and hard, then laughed and rolled over.

She lay there beside him, not chained any more, dazed by what had happened. She wanted to get up and run but couldn't.

There was nowhere to go any more. She was his wife, and he was her husband.

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